About MazdaMotoring

About MazdaMotoring

Mazda Auctions & Classifieds

MazdaMotoring is a Mazda auction and classified ad site where car enthusiasts can buy and sell Mazda cars, browse unique Mazdas for sale, seek inspiration for their current Mazda project car and more. We welcome you to learn about MazdaMotoring, our services and our story.

We created MazdaMotoring as a place to celebrate Mazda automobiles, past, present and future.

From older classics like the original Mazda Cosmo, RX-3 and first-generation RX-7 to ’90s classics like the NA Miata and FD RX-7, you’ll find a diverse collection of cars featured, bought and sold here. Late-model Mazda cars like the ND MX-5 Miata, CX-5 and Mazda3 variants are welcome here, too.

MazdaMotoring started as a passion project based around a simple dilemma: spending too much time scouring the internet for our ideal next Mazda.

We’ve spent countless hours and many nights searching various car classifieds and auction websites to find unique and high-quality Mazdas of various vintages.

So we decided to create a dedicated website for Mazda enthusiasts, an online community where we can buy and sell our prized vehicles.

If you’ve been searching “where to sell my Miata online,” you’ve found it!

Why Buy & Sell on MazdaMotoring?

We give car sellers choice by offering both Mazda auctions and classified ads as a way to list their Mazda cars for sale.

It’s always free to list your Mazda for sale on MazdaMotoring, whether you choose a simple classified ad or an exciting live auction! Buyers pay a 4% fee that’s highly competitive with other online car auction and selling platforms.

See our FAQ section for more details and answers to common questions about our Mazda auctions and classifieds.

Whether you’re a veteran Mazda car collector or just recently caught the bug with your first Miata or Mazdaspeed3, we invite you to join our growing community and explore our Mazda auctions and classifieds, as well as our blog, where you’ll find our Mazda Gem of the Day.

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We’ve got them:

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