Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about MazdaMotoring Auctions? See our Frequently Asked Questions below, where we cover the most common questions from buyers and sellers.

Seller Questions

How do I sell my car via auction?

How much does it cost to list my car in an auction?

Does my car have to be approved or selected to sell on the site?

How long do auctions last?

Can I relist my car if it doesn’t sell?

Can I cancel my live auction?

How many photos should I include?

Can my auction have a reserve price?

Can I sell my car via your site if I’m located outside of the US?

How do I complete the transaction with the winning bidder?

Why should I sell my car via auction instead of a classified ad listing?

For more details on selling your Mazda via our auctions, see How Mazda Auctions Work.

Or, check out How Mazda Listings Work if you’d like to list your Mazda for sale through our classified ads.

Buyer Questions

How does bidding work?

How do I register to bid?

Can I cancel my bid?

How do I contact a seller?

Can I sign up for auction updates?

How much is the buyer’s fee?

What happens when I win an auction? How does payment work?

When I win an auction, how do I complete the transaction?

Can I inspect a car before bidding or buying?

Do auctions feature soft-close or anti-sniping?

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