How It Works: Auctions

How Mazda Auctions Work

Got questions about our online Mazda car auctions? We’ve got answers. Here’s how Mazda auctions work on MazdaMotoring:

For Sellers

Our Mazda car auctions are always free to create, and the seller receives 100% of the sale price!

Step 1: You’ll first need to log in or register to create an account.

Step 2: Become a Seller.

Step 3: Start creating your Mazda car auction via the Auction Manager product page and follow the below steps and tips. Alternatively, you can select “Products” in the Auction Manager dashboard menu and click “Add New.”

Build your Mazda car auction by adding a:

  • Title
  • Image Gallery
  • Short Description
  • Description
  • Auction Data

Auction Seller Tips

Add as many high-quality photos as you can to your auction listing, using the Image Gallery feature in the top-right corner on the Add/Manage Auction page.

The same goes for your vehicle description: the more detailed, the better to boost bidder confidence!

You may create a draft to save your auction for later publishing, or submit it for review by the MazdaMotoring team.

Be sure to enter your desired Opening Price, Reserve Price (if any), Start Date, Ending Date, and other details and parameters.

We recommend an auction runtime of 7 to 10 days, with a maximum of 14 days.

After you submit your auction for review, the MazdaMotoring team will review and contact you if any updates are needed before the auction goes live. Your auction’s Start Date and Ending Date will be determined by when the auction ultimately goes live and whether you selected a 7- or 10-day date range when creating your auction.

Once you submit your Mazda car auction and it is approved and published to the site, it cannot be deleted or edited by the seller. It will also display in the “Auctions” tab of your account’s Auction Manager dashboard.

Then, you can sit back and enjoy the auction action! Remember to check back on your live auction and any account notifications frequently to respond to any comments, questions or private messages from bidders or potential buyers.

At the end of the auction, you and the winning bidder will receive each other’s contact information so you can finalize the vehicle sale offline however you see fit.

If your auction ends without a winning bidder, you are welcome to relist your Mazda. Remember, there are never any seller fees on MazdaMotoring auctions!

For Buyers

On an auction item page, you can place a bid, comment, ask a question and send a private message to the seller.

Bid with care: bids cannot be retracted or deleted.

There is a 4% Buyer’s Premium fee when you are the winning bidder of an auction.

Only the Buyer’s Premium fee is charged to the winning bidder’s payment method.

You must have a valid payment method in your account to bid and win an auction.

Once an auction ends, the seller and winning bidder will have access to each other’s contact information to finalize the Mazda car auction transaction offline at their convenience.